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What To Do in Leeds? 5 Places You Can Visit in 1 Day!

Leeds is located in Yorkshire, England. It is often regarded as the ‘the jewels of the north,’ with a variety of historic Victorian buildings alternating with modern architecture, offering the perfect contrast for all visitors. As a result, millions of local and international tourists seek things to do in Leeds every year.

But what to do in Leeds for a day? Let’s delve into the 5 places in Leeds you can visit in 1 day, as well as the best Thai massage place in Leeds to relax after a long day.

5 Places You Can Visit in Leeds in 1 Day!

Here are the places you can visit in Leeds in a day, starting in the morning!

The Royal Armouries Museum

To begin with, let’s have a quick look at the intriguing history of England. The Royal Armouries is the perfect place to start. It holds over 8,500 historical objects across 6 themed galleries within the museum. Feel free to view the pieces dedicated to hunting, peace, battle, tournaments, self-defence, and even oriental pieces that origins date back to the Middle Ages. All of which will definitely captivate your imagination.

The museum itself is located in the centre area of the city, so there is no need to worry about transportation. Furthermore, there is no need to do extra research, as the collection was purposefully assembled for public viewing along with info plaques for you to immerse in the historical significants.

Roundhay Park

Among the buildings and walls of the city, it may be difficult to find a ‘green’ location to relax during your tour but fret not because ‘Roundhay Park’ is here in Leeds to provide to with plenty of natural landscape. Only three miles north or a 30 minutes drive from Leed city centre, you will meet with 700 acres of rolling parks, 2 pristine lakes, and picturesque woodland as far as the eye can see. For those travelling with family, there are several formal gardens and playgrounds to keep your children entertained in addition to the natural splendour of nature.

Roundhay Park is the ideal location to spend your morning walk and enjoy a family breakfast in a background like no other.

Town Hall Tavern

Traditional Yorkshire pub food is one of the many things that English people love. If you have no clue what to do in Leeds during lunch and if you haven't eaten it, you might as well make a stop at the Town Hall Tavern. It is one of the top-rated taverns in Yorkshire you need to experience for yourself. The tavern presents a wide range of meal options, all of which use ingredients sourced from local suppliers so you can get a great sense of the local taste.

There is no need to make a reservation, so take your time, relax and enjoy the local cuisine in a cosy pub.

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Now that you have filled your stomach with delicious Yorkshire meals, do not forget to check out one of the top travellers’ choices to visit, the Leeds Kirkgate Market. It is the heart of the Leeds retail scene since 1857 and is home to generations of local businesses. Here you can find fresh food, drinks, as well as items such as flowers, jewellery, hardware, and haberdasheries.

On top of that, first-time visitors will find that the scale of the Kirkgate market is massive, with more than hundreds of stalls attracting thousands of travellers each month. However, what makes Leeds Kirkgate Market an even more unique experience is that each vendor actually knows their products.

If you ask ‘what to do in Leeds that I cannot miss?,’ Leeds Kirkgate Market is definitely on top of the list. So, be sure to check out this fascinating market situated right in the centre of Leeds.

Thai Massage at Nuad Thai Boran

You are sure to be exhausted after a long journey’s day in the city. You may wish to head straight to bed, but you will certainly wake up the next morning with muscle aches all over the body. In this case, a nice spa in Leeds or a Thai massage will do you good, and you will be able to start a new day feeling relaxed and full of energy.

If you are looking for a massage in Leeds, then pay a quick visit to Nuad Thai Boran, we are the no. 1 Thai massage provider in Leeds, UK. Our shop is conveniently located next to the Leeds market, in the centre of town. Our expertly trained and certified therapists are always ready to provide professional Thai massage, deep tissue massage, traditional yoga stretching sessions, herbal therapy, facial spa, and more to soothe your body and mind to the fullest.

Book a session with us and enhance a sense of your overall well-being.

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