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3 Common Types of Back Massage To Help Your Back Pain

One of the popular reasons why people attend massage parlour is because of their ‘back pain.’ It is becoming more common nowadays due to present-day’s lifestyles such as sitting and working long hours, neglecting exercise, having poor back posture, or even just lifting objects incorrectly. All of which can cause discomfort, especially in the lower back region.

Speaking statistically, research indicates that approximately 23% of adults worldwide suffer from chronic back pain. That is why many people seek to find the proper back massage to ease their pain.

What are The Benefits of Back Massage

In general, massage techniques would incorporate a combination of hands-on movements, including kneading, stretching, compressing, and/or gliding, which may range from light stroking to putting deep pressure.

There are various noteworthy back massage benefits, such as:

  • Stimulate blood flow and circulation, improving the recovery of aching and sore muscle in the back area.

  • Alleviate tension which relaxes the back muscles from all the accumulated strains, effectively improves the back’s flexibility and provides a restful sleep.

  • Increased endorphin Release - the ‘feel-good’ hormone, which makes one happy, and reduces the feeling of depression and anxiety.

The Common Types of Back Massage

Various forms of massage therapies may be considered depending on the treatment goal. Each style of massage uses a distinct principle to move the tissue and achieve the desired results. Some techniques may employ gentle pressure and strokes, while others use heat or kneading deeper to stimulate the inner layers of tissue.

Here are several types of massage for back pain:

1. Neuromuscular Massage

Also known as ‘trigger point therapy,’ it is a method of hands-on massage that primarily targets myofascial trigger points under the skin. These trigger points are tight bands of highly sensitive muscle tissue that induce pain when stimulated.

Using this massage method, the therapist would first determine the trigger points in the back region, including the back, buttocks, and thigh. Then they would apply firm, sustained pressure at one pressure point at a time, usually for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Neuromuscular massage can help relieve the tightness in muscle tissues and loosen the fibres, which promotes blood flow, relaxation, and healing.

2. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a famous therapy known for being ‘gentler’ than other types of massages and most suitable if you wish for general relaxation and tension release. Therapists would use techniques such as repeated long strokes, kneading, and elongating.

To relieve the tension at the back, the therapist focus on the back muscles, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Apart from increasing blood flow and circulation, Swedish massage may help reduce scar tissue formation, decrease inflammation, and increase muscle flexibility.

Additionally, a general Swedish massage session would be accompanied by scented oils, which help you to relax even better.

3. Thai Massage

Thai massage is also called a ‘yoga massage’ due to its various stretching techniques combined with massage strokes. The massage is delivered along specific energy or “sen” lines of the body, so it is normal to see Thai massage therapists placing the patient’s body in a variety of positions to encourage stretching and circulation.

For improving back pain, Thai massage seeks to extend the back muscles, open the hips, and loosen the hamstrings. This way, the patient would be doing passive yoga poses to lengthen the lower back while the therapist massages particular areas of the back and/or thigh to release stress and relax the muscles. Moreover, it may help improve posture as well as build strength in the connective tissues. (Book your Thai Massage in Leeds today!)

These are the famous and sought-after massages that are recommended for those with back pain, but that is not all. There are various massage techniques that can help with your chronic back pain, such as shiatsu massage, hot stone massage, and prevalent deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage & Back Pain

Giving back massages using the deep tissue technique requires professionally trained therapists to perform. Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that targets deeper levels of tissues while using more intense pressure compared to other types of massages. This is a particularly great option for people who suffer from chronic back pain or sports injuries.

Deep tissue massage therapists would apply constant pressure, using deep and slow strokes combined with notable finger pressure on the back area. This is to relieve the tension and tightness of muscle groups and connective tissues.

If you have been experiencing chronic pain in the back area for a long time or if other softer massage techniques do not work, deep tissue massage is the way to go.

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