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Where To Get Thai Massage Near Me with Complete Services?

From the long day of working, meeting, and commuting, it is quite normal for you to experience stress, fatigue, joint pain, and muscle aches across the whole body. One of the best solutions to this problem is a ‘Thai Massage’, 一 a healing art which has been practised for over 2,500 years.

Contrary to western massages that most of us are used to, Thai massage rarely applies oil to your body. Instead, Thai massage therapists would use techniques such as stretching, pulling, and rocking, giving utmost relaxation to the whole body, from neck to toes.

With its amazing benefits, it is no surprise why many people search for ‘Thai massage near me’ on Google almost every day. However, if you are still not convinced, here are some of the Thai massage benefits:

Thai Massage Benefits

  • Reduce Stress

Facing too much stress can make you prone to mental and physical health issues or even lead to serious illnesses such as depression and cardiovascular disease.

A Thai massage session can significantly lower the stress level of your body, as well as ease anxiety through gentle pressure and stretching techniques. It can stimulate sweat and sebaceous glands. Furthermore, a study found that Thai massage is able to reduce the levels of a certain stress marker present in the saliva (sAA), making this particular therapy more effective at reducing stress.

  • Relieves Muscle & Joint Pain

Thai massages can target specific areas and use pressure techniques to lower tension in muscle tissues such as your neck or back. Your therapist may also further manipulate the muscles, alleviating muscle spasms you may have.

In addition, Thai massage can boost joint function if you experience pain and stiffness when you move. The therapists would use a yoga-style manipulation to release tension in the joints. This improves the body’s mobility, flexibility, and range of movement. This is perhaps the best option to find a ‘Thai massage near me’ if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in muscles or joints.

  • Enhance Blood Circulation

As mentioned, Thai massage incorporates techniques involving muscular manipulation, skeletal manipulation, and acupressure. These techniques are able to stimulate blood circulation, which then fills the body’s tissue with oxygen that promote cell growth. It is also believed that Thai massage help improves the somatosensory system that contributes to your body’s balance.

  • Balances and Increases Energy

Thai massage was also influenced by the practice of Chinese medicine, particularly the concept of meridian 一 paths in which the life energy (qi) flows through the body. Thai massage therapists will manipulate these meridians to release the energy and redirect them to promote balance and a healthy energy flow.

  • Treating Headaches & Neck pain

The combination of acupressure technique and meridian manipulation contributes to pain alleviation and lessens irritation in the nerve, allowing Thai massage to effectively reduce your neck pain, headaches, and even sciatica pain.

With all the Thai massage benefits mentioned above, you may think that you can get your massage done from anywhere. However, getting a Thai massage near you may prove to be the better option.

Benefits of Thai Massage Place Near You

You may be wondering, why a Thai massage near me? Couldn’t I just book a session at any place? This is mainly because of the experience after a massage session which you might receive.

Similar to when you would feel sore after an intense workout, Thai massage could make you feel the same. After all, it is an active massage. Due to the stimulation of muscles that you may not normally use, it is common to feel sore after a massage. This is actually a physical response to inflammation as your body heals itself. Soreness can easily happen to those who are new or not used to massage.

As such, the soreness and inflammation can easily hamper your mobility causing you to have a hard time commuting back to your home. Simply put, having a massage place near you would give to the ability to quickly and fully rest your body after a massage session. Additionally, after a massage, you should drink plenty of water or opt for healthy ones such as vegetable juice, herbal tea, or coconut water.

Best Thai Massage Place in Leeds

If you are reading this and want to experience the rejuvenating benefits of Thai massage, and live in Leeds or the nearby areas, look no further than Nuad Thai Boran massage services. We are the leading Thai Massage in Leeds, ready to provide you with the complete massage experience. Our services include a sport massage, deep tissue massage, Spa in Leeds, etc., all performed by certified professional therapists. We aim to provide you with the best relaxation and comfort in every minute of your massage session.

Book a session with us and enhance a sense of your overall well-being.

Call us: 07534274897

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