Welcome to Nuad Thai Boran spa

     We provide service in Traditional Thai massage, Aromatherapy massage, Foot massage, sport massage, Thai hot ball herb, Thai head massage, hot stone massage, face treatment, skincare make up, haircare, eye, nail, weight management, Detox program and also supplies Amway business, cater service

flower The traditional medical massage of Thailand. This form of massage involves manipulation using stretching techniques and gentle pressure along the meridians or energy lines of the body. Thai massage helps to relieve tension within the body and can be effectively used for pain relief. It improves blood circulation, balances the nervous system and clears out blocked and stagnant energy. It is appropriate for a range of musculoskeletal problems including head ache, back, neck, shoulder,hip and leg ,foot pain for a period of time and also help with sport injures. This form of massage is especially good for releasing stress and tension and encouraging relaxation of both mind and body

We used organic product (Thai organic herb and Amway Product USA)


Relaxing and Deep Tissue

Traditional Thai massage full body 60 min £45
Thai Swedish massage 60 min £45
Traditional Thai massage full body 90 min £65
Thai back and shoulder massage 30 min £30
Thai oil massage Full body 60 min £45
Thai massage 30min £30
Thai oil massage Full body 90 min £65
Thai deep tissue massage 60 min £50
Back and shoulder oil massage (deep tissue) 30 min £35
Muay Thai sport oil Massage 60 min £55


Thai foot massage 30 min £30
Thai hand massage 30 min £30
Indian head massage 30 min £30

Express massage

Head massage 20 min £25
Face massage 20 min £25
Neck massage 20 min £25
Hand massage 20 min £25
Back and shoulder massage 20 min £25
Legs and knee massage 30 min £35

combination massage

Thai massage full body 90 min £65
Thai massage+oil massage 60 min £55
Thai massage+foot massage 60 min £55
Thai massage+ Thai hotball 90 min £75
Foot massage+Thai hotball 90 min £75
Head ,back and shoulder+foot massage 60 min £55

Facial and skincare treatment all type of skin

Express relaxing spa facial 20 min £20
cleanse,toner+massage (neck and shoulder),scrub or mask, moisturise
Relaxing spa deep facial 30 min £25
Cleansing,toner,massage(face,neck,shoulder), Scrub and mask,moisturise and eye cream
Luxury spa Renewing peel facial 60 min £45
cleanser,toner,massage face,neck,shoulder, peel enzyme (head ,arm), moisture and eye cream
Scalp relaxing massage serum treatment 10 min £15

Body spa treatment

Back scrub and Thai massage 60 min £40
cleanse with conditioning washing massage Scrub, warm towel, hydrating butter cream (no shower included).

Lifestyle Detox program

Weight management program and detox program Lifestyle balanced solution nutrition healthy therapy Give up smoke program detox Thaistyle therapy

Beauty spa health

Make Up

Natural make up £20

Eye treatment

Eyelash extensions 20min£15
Eye ereas Massage relaxing Treatment, Massage eye upper and lower lids and eye cream 10 min £10
Eyebrow relaxing massage and shape 10 min £10

Nail spa treatment

manicure, massage spa 30 min £20
pedicure, massage spa 30 min £30
manicure Wrap design style 20 min £20
manicure basic and polish 10 min £10


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